The features of Kiss

【Point 1. To drink water without opening the cap】
The silicone cap which needs no open and close.
Though the cap is completely closed while not in use, it allows you to drink with biting down lightly on the cap.
And you can control the quantity of liquid with your lip.
As you have no need to open and to close, you can use it lying down in bed. It is also good for children because it cannot spill when they tip it down.

Not use with hot drinks. It may cause a burn on your mouth, and unexpected spilling.

【Point 2. To tip it down with no spilling.】
The original patented no-spilling system allows you to turn it down without spilling.
It is useful for elders whose hands began to shake unconsciously, for ones driving a car, for desk workers. 
【Point 3.Easy to drink】
Soft silicon enable you to drink easily.
Pressing lightly on the cap permits you to drink.
The liquid flow out a little at a time in order to prevent unexpected choking.
【Point 4. Easy to attach】
You do not have to have any perplexing assemblies.
The cap adhere to a PET bottle because of its elasticity.
How to attach to PET bottles.
The cap for cups limit size of lip of cups from 75mm to 80mm.
You can attach the cap to the cup whose handle is away from lip of the cup.
【Point 5. To keep clean with washing and disinfections.】
The silicone has features as heat-resistant, cool-resistant, and lasting. You can wash it again and again.
You also wash reverse of it because of its features as soft and elastic.
The cap even stands sterilization by boiling, medicinal solution, and microwave.
-DO NOT use with hot drinks.
It may cause a burn on your mouth, and unexpected spilling.
- DO NOT use with carbonated drinks.
It may cause high pressure, and unexpected spilling.
- DO NOT use with drinks with flesh.
It may suffocate the no-spilling system, and cause unexpected spilling.



silicone block

Silicone cup